In 1972 in Luxembourg the bank under the name BCCI was registered. His author and the owner was Aga Hasan Abedi who was born in a Muslim family in India. Abedi built career of the bank employee. Then, having understood that to work for foreign uncle not for him, I decided to found the bank. The personality it was uncommon therefore could get support of all interesting his faces.
BCCI developed extremely promptly. Bank of America gave out the impressive sum on its development, thereby having become the owner of 25% of the stocks BCCI. At the beginning of existence of new bank by investors there were the simple citizens, then rich families, time when the money started keeping national banks of other countries in it was glory peak for bank. BCCI was one of the first, rather international bank.
After heart attack in 1988, Abedi couldn’t be engaged in the bank more. BCCI foundations seriously reeled the first time. The company needed direct participation of the author founder. Here multi-billion shadow operations emerged: reception of money from drug barons, carrying out financial weapon transactions. The Russian-Afghan war was a gold mine for BCCI. Besides, numerous acts of intimidation, bribery of civil servants and witnesses in this world emerged.
At the time of the compelled closing of bank, on its accounts there were more than 600 million dollars which haven’t entered into the reporting. The majority of judicial proceedings on return of deposits of the deceived investors aren’t closed and to this day.

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