Whether there is such thing as safe investments? All normal people want to know that will be with their money after investment, whether they will receive them with the minimum income, or can be with the income more, and any sane won’t invest money in funds and actions, knowing precisely that these investments will yield one losses.
If you follow simple recommendations, investments won’t be unprofitable. However even safe investment at all doesn’t mean that losses won’t be at all. Simply try думайть about it, as about car driving on the road. How many is absolutely equal and smooth roads? Set, and they are easy and safe. There are the roads constructed quite recently, in the same way is both new funds and actions, but here how many days they will give ideal growth?
There are some main principles of safe investment:
– You define for yourselves the sum in which money equivalent are ready to risk. Loss of this sum shouldn’t become for you a financial trouble.
– Define for itself types of investments which seem to you rather safe.
– Solve, what quantity of time you are ready to spend for management of the capital for its future growth. If you are ready to enclose at least half an hour every day, you will be able to become one of successful investors practically from the first steps. If in your life there is only half an hour of times a week, your investments have to be based on the technical analysis, taking into account your readiness of risk.
– Also you remember that it is necessary to follow always to your personal strategy of an exit from the market in case you receive a signal, saying that it is necessary to pass to money in order that to keep them urgently.

February 1, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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