The public expenditures provide financial security of performance by the state of the functions. Previously money accumulates on various funds. The budget, the state off-budget funds, insurance funds, etc. is formed. Then means of these funds are distributed on the solution of tasks facing the state (defense capability of the country, social and economic tasks, etc.) . Activity of the state is always connected with expenses of monetary resources at the expense of budgets of different levels and off-budget funds. The public expenditures consist of expenses of federation, expenses of subjects of federation and municipal expenses. Money can be allocated in several ways: financing of the public expenditures on a gratuitous basis (budgetary and from off-budget funds), the budgetary credit for a certain term and with specific conditions, insurance and address payments, etc. The budgetary resources are used strictly on purpose. It is defined by drawing up the state budget for every year. If in the budget the size of expenses becomes more than a size of the income, there is a budget deficit. Then make the decision on reduction of expenses (the so-called sequester).

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