There are situations when it is necessary to make an urgent call, and money on phone ended. If your mobile operator – Tele2, then is opportunity to encash the credit in Nizhny Novgorod from this operator for small term – 3 days.
How to make it? It is also simple how to obtain the fast credit according to the passport. USSD should be sent only – inquiry to this operator, and the account of your phone will replenish. The sum of such micro credit of Tele2 is equal to 30 rubles which will suffice for commission of especially important calls. But you shouldn’t forget that within three days it will be necessary to refill balance of the phone for 31 rubles at least, and it is possible more. After all from the account it will be written off not 30, but 31 rubles. 1 ruble is a payment micro – the credit of Tele2 which “The promised payment” is called.
For receiving “The promised payment” it is necessary to be subscriber Tele2 not less than 6 months, and the balance on your phone has to be 0 – 30 rub. Again possibly to use such credit will be only after days after payment previous.
Certainly, if the credit for 10 years is necessary to you, such service won’t rescue you, but “The promised payment” can fine help out if it is necessary to call urgently, and money on the account doesn’t suffice.

January 18, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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