If the person has hundred thousand dollars, he can invest hotel business under the guaranteed income. However, if there is only any part from the necessary sum, will tell – 30 thousand then, the same person can get support of this or that bank. And it takes the missing sum in a mortgage or the credit. It turns out that thus it has opportunity to buy more expensive real estate, so to receive a large sum according to the guaranteed income. It turns out that the bank not simply serves as the guarantor of financial safety, but also offers use of the special animator of profitability. The drawn interest, after return of part of a mortgage turns out more, than the initial sum would have it. In terms of those thirty thousand, percent of the guaranteed income there will be any more seven percent, and fourteen or fifteen. In it obvious advantage of use of a credit shoulder of bank.

The animator practically turns out twice. If it was a question of thirty thousand, the double increase in percent turns out at once. And if the purpose – investment, such tool it is demanded. The similar method is extremely widespread and there is a separate market. There is such rule that at tools rich more to become rich, than at poor. About what it speaks? If at rich there is one million, they have a bigger quantity of opportunities to increase this one million. To it banks come and give five million more. Respectively if someone gives you money, and in modern time money very cheap. Rates are significantly lower, than it was even three or four years ago, and even within a year of a condition strongly change.

January 24, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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