The House Money company doesn’t demand a campaign in bank for receiving a small loan (10 000 – 25 000 rub). For example, to obtain the credits in Chita, and also in other cities of Russia, representatives of “House money” will come on your call directly to you home. The decision on the credit is made quickly, on the basis of a personal meeting. Such house credit has one more feature – payments here – weekly, instead of monthly, and will come behind them directly to you home that is very convenient in respect of saving of time. It isn’t necessary to go to bank to extinguish the next payment on the credit.
Such service is compensated by quite big percent. But to choose to you: or high percent of the approved decisions on the credits in the absence of certificates of the income and checks of places of work, the high speed of decision-making and convenient service, or – lower interests for the credit in other banks. The main thing to remember terms of payments on the taken loan.
To avoid failure to pay the credit, it is necessary to think over carefully the size of the sum of a loan necessary for you and terms of its return. In whatever city you lived, today it is very simple to enter on the Internet on a site of any bank, and, having opened the credit calculator, to count the sum and loan terms. You gather in the searcher, for example: “the credits in Petrozavodsk” also you count a loan demanded for. Try to avoid failure to pay the credit in the put terms, protect the nerves and a reputation – credit history. Against borrowers who can’t pay a loan or percent on it, judicial sanctions though banks not often resort to them can be applied, trying to solve a problem of failure to pay by internal resources. After all to banks too it is unprofitable to waste time and money for a legal cost.

January 14, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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