Today credit repayment in the Savings Bank and in many other banks possible in two main ways: the annuity or differentiated payments. Therefore the borrowers choosing different types of calculation of payments on the credit, pay to bank the differing sums. What difference between these two ways?
The annuity credit assumes continuous payments by the equal fixed sums monthly paid by the borrower to bank and including part of the satisfied principal debt on the credit and added percent. And, at the beginning of payments on the credit the main share of annuity payment is made by percent, and only insignificant – repayment on a principal debt. By the end of payments – in structure of this monthly payment payments of a principal debt on the credit prevail.
The differentiated credit assumes charge of percent only for the debt rest. Thus the sum of the credit shares on number of the months corresponding to term of the credit agreement. The principal debt is liquidated monthly and as the amount of debt on the credit constantly decreases, decrease, also, and payments of bank percent. Therefore also monthly payment gradually decreases.
The majority of banks of Russia offers services of crediting not only in Moscow, banks have branches in the majority of the Russian regions. For example, the credit in Vladimir can be taken in representations of such banks, as VTB24, Uralsib, the BIN bank and many others.

January 12, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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