The third problem is connected with development of needs of people in the creative, interesting activity bringing satisfaction and, I would tell, pleasure. It is huge importance a problem following from a historical problem of transition to communism. The question of ways of release of millions people from the sphere of manual skills especially in agriculture, at loading and unloading works, in some other areas of a national economy about work elimination in unhealthy people conditions, about the maximum reduction of monotonous, unattractive work is now especially insistent.
It the economy and the person” which we here almost didn’t concern brings us to one more side of the problem “. We spoke generally about satisfaction of needs of the person, that is about the person as about the consumer. Meanwhile each person in society — it not only the consumer of the material and spiritual benefits, but also their producer.
How to achieve that productivity of each person understood in the broadest sense of this word, constantly grew? Now it isn’t enough to consider that well-known situation that the people standard of living at a socialism is defined by development of a social production.

February 26, 2013 at 4:35 pm by master
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