Difficult development of rational norms and structure of consumption of nonfoods. Here it is more difficult to define physiological requirements, and the main thing, it is necessary to consider somehow changeability of fashion, education of tastes, prestigious reasons of people etc.
In advance planning the question of coordination of production of these or those consumer goods is especially put with those sums of money which the population will want to allocate for these subjects. The word “will want” expressly not casually:
as it is known, the consumer — the sovereign person, he is free to dispose of the means. Scientists revealed the curious regularities showing how the structure of a consumer demand with growth of the income of families changes. For example, the share of the means spent for purchase of foodstuff gradually decreases, the clothes and footwear share, since a certain moment — the Share of subjects of long using etc. (see fig. on p. 51) grows.
The second task of which decision economists care are a providing each family with good, full-fledged housing, comfort increase, rapprochement of conditions of a life in the small and average cities and in rural areas with conditions of the large cities. I mean, by the way, not only improvement a life condition in the village and to provinces, but also improvement of living conditions of the population of the large cities – in that, as for fresh air, greens, silence.

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