How it is long necessary to be at the computer, tracing movement of exchange rates? Traders who possess rather high skill level according to the technical analysis, are capable to dare to carry out daily some transactions, thereby earning already to 300 points per day. At first it seems to all that only this way and it is necessary, but actually such form of work in the market of currencies can be compared Forex to the real difficult acrobatic elements of speech of professional figure skaters or gymnasts. Professional athletes carry out such activity daily, but for the unprepared person it easily can fatally end. In the field of trading this situation repeats. To the trader to the beginner a similar extreme to anything.

It is much safer to enter on the market only in those points which most predict market movements. These are points of intersection of medium-term channels and long-term, quite strong levels of support or resistance and so on. Such situations can be formed from several times a week and to several times a month, despite it, it is quite enough of it to receive though small, but stable profit. And thus there is no need constantly to be to the trader at the computer, tracing all slightest fluctuations of price indicators.

January 26, 2013 at 12:00 am by master
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