The economic science is occupied with elaboration of the theoretic-methodological approaches allowing in organic unity to consider the relations of production and distribution, and also other social factors. Thus it is a question, of course, not of simple recognition of such unity about development of a quantitative measure, that is criteria of social and economic development of model of planned management of this process. Without it we can’t resolve correctly a pile urgent issues of improvement of our economy, for example, to find the most rational tracks of creation of the Material basis of communism, to prove social requirements to scientific and technical progress.
The Soviet economists together with sociologists, philosophers, and what represent other areas of science and knowledge have to create complex social and economic type of the socialist life, including many-sided nature of this major social and economic category which, of course, isn’t reduced only to creation of rational budgets of consumption of material benefits and services. This model has to form a basis of a choice of the directions of social and economic development, orientation of scientific and technical progress, definition of a measure and sequence of satisfaction of constantly growing and becoming complicated needs of members of socialist society.

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