Origin of new life in the market Forex is always accompanied by sighs and охами. The newcomer to the big world of business of people is absolutely defenseless before bigwigs and is compelled to survive, paying to them a tribute in the form of blood money. He shy tries to break through to glory top, obsequiously pleasing irrepressible appetites of the sharks who are spitefully staring at it the eyes. It wants to be trusted in something to have certain reference points and he addresses to the kind predators trading in treachery of interests of an imperious top for the sake of the poor. Such here horoshist… They share certain principles of game with a chickabiddy and the baby bird inspired with hope puts in the market more and more money, without paying attention that turns out nothing, after all he sacredly trusts in words of the great guru. But gradually his belief dies away, as well as monetary potential dies away. He desperately rushes about in search of other belief in something reliable and here the preacher of belief in hiccupping comes across to him. This preacher claims that the market is chaotic within several hours, and day trends consist of set of such chaotic movements having as a whole overweight in movement in the certain party. And according to words of this preacher if hiccupping began, it proceeds the certain time which isn’t depending on desire and a real situation. For example, if to eructate everything eaten when the person started hiccupping, hiccupping not to stop the same minute. It follows from this that the market possesses inertia for which and it is necessary to cling and not to release, yet there will be no turn. The baby bird again invests money, stakes on all money without stop at any time on couple where there is quite clear trend and goes to sleep. In a weekend it comes and takes away the money that since new week to enclose them anew, or if the trend intends to proceed further – leaves a position the next week. So it can not distract on different fluctuations in day which kill nerves and quietly to live also money earning. Poorly to open a position without stop in calculation, what in five days the course will be lower or higher? Don’t creep on the market!

February 18, 2013 at 4:28 pm by master
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