Isn’t a secret that all transactions on Forex are carried out through brokers. And the most responsible process is right choice of this broker. At present, the huge number of the various companies can provide such brokers. These, simply huge lists, strongly complicate a choice of the good broker. Generally at a choice of a certain broker it is worth being guided first of all by a company rating. And the rating already completely is based on certain fundamental indicators of this broker. That is in its reliability and period of operation in the currency market. Also important role is played by reputation of the broker and his condition in trade. It is necessary to pay attention to the speed of warrants which it processes. But the most important criterion is reliability. This criterion considers its reputation in the market and honesty with which warrants of its constants, or casual clients are processed. Only having considered all these criteria which characterize solidity level, it is possible to pass to the assessment of advantages which the intermediary is obliged to provide without any utayka safely. To be in the forefront and to be allocated from a large number of brokers who will be able to provide the services, the companies offer clients even quite considerable bonuses. These bonuses can be provided in the form of various micro accounts, that is from one dollar. It is excellent way to start trading and completely to estimate all experience of the trader which he gained. Also the system of bonuses can include the educational account. This account in practice will show all process of trade on Forex. With it it is possible to stay on a place of the trader who opened the real account. But the difference is that this account is simply virtual money.

February 11, 2013 at 4:56 pm by master
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