All participants of the market are subdivided into some categories: These are “bulls” who the horns raise the price up, the “bears” lowering it by the paws down, the greedy “boars”, trying to earn more, the “rams” getting under feet. If “bulls” and “bears” earn something, “boars” and “rams” ruthlessly go under a knife.
What is the main object of supervision of all these categories? What moves them? What forces to make decisions? It is the PRICE which changes every second, and practically, doesn’t depend on an economic situation of the state, a financial condition of corporations and amount of oil, gas and other natural resources.
The price is not goods cost, not that, the buyer how many is ready to pay. It is combination of the line of supply and demand. Sellers and buyers always are in the opposition, one wants to sell more expensively, and to buy another cheaper and if they don’t agree – the price won’t be. But, as soon as they agree, the transaction comes true. At the exchange everything occurs for shares of seconds because buyers and sellers there is a lot of, it is necessary to make the decision quickly, instead of that, you will outstrip. So there is a price, and changes over time.

February 3, 2013 at 4:49 pm by master
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